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Klimamobility Bolzano

31 Jan. – 03 Feb. 2024 | Trade exhibition with accompanying congress for sustainable mobility

The fair and congress Klimamobility are events that focus on sustainable mobility and environmentally friendly transportation solutions. They take place in Bolzano, the capital of South Tyrol in Italy, and offer professionals, companies, politicians, and interested citizens a platform to exchange ideas about innovative transport concepts, products, and services that contribute to reducing CO2 emissions and designing a more sustainable future. The Klimamobility fair is organized by Messe Bozen, a leading organizer of fairs and exhibitions in Italy, and will take place in the Bolzano Exhibition Center, a modern and well-equipped exhibition hall that is easily accessible and hosts numerous events. The fair focuses on the following main themes: Electromobility, with the presentation of electric vehicles, charging infrastructures, battery technologies, and mobility services that promote the transition to zero-emission transport.Public transport, with information on environmentally friendly and innovative public transport solutions such as low-emission buses, trains, cable cars, and carpooling. Cycling and walking mobility, showcasing products and services that encourage cycling and walking, such as bicycle infrastructure, bike-sharing systems, and intelligent traffic management. Sustainable urban development, with discussions on the integration of sustainable mobility solutions into urban planning to improve the quality of life of citizens and reduce the ecological footprint of cities. The fair helps to raise awareness of environmentally friendly transport solutions and promote the shift towards more sustainable mobility.

The Klimamobility will take place on 4 days from Wednesday, 31. January to Saturday, 03. February 2024 in Bolzano.

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